Day 6: Work Together as a Team.

Work Together as a Team

In the Beginner’s class at church a few weeks ago, the memory verse song was “Work Together as a Team” which we sang to the tune of “Jesus Loves Me” (You pretty much just repeat “work together as a team” over and over again to the tune…try it and see if it’s not stuck in your head for days…you’re welcome!).

Sometimes those simple songs that were written for our youngest children are the most profound and needed for us as adults!

We’re concentrating on relationships in our 31 day series right now, and today specifically is about your student’s parents.  I know sometimes it’s easy to complain about what parents are or are not doing for their children, but working together as a team with your student’s parents could make all the difference in a child’s education.  When they are needing discipline, you can be a united front.  If they need encouragement, together you can be the biggest cheering squad around.  Whether they are struggling or soaring at school, the team you build with their parents shows them and their parents that you genuinely care!  (If you are a homeschooling parent, your teammate can be your spouse or closest friend).

Some ways that you can show parents that you want to be on the same team are:

1. To communicate regularly (newsletters, personal notes, phone calls, e-mails).

2. Call about the good stuff too.

3. Show that you care about their kid(s) by what you say and do.

4.  Be encouraging if they are having a rough day or are concerned about their child.

5. Be honest with them. Always.

6.  Pray for them!  It would be great to rotate through all of your students and their families, praying for each one on a monthly basis.

When parents see that you aren’t “out to get” their kids, and that you actually want to work together to help their child be the best they can be, they will be thrilled.  Not only that, but you will create a supportive network for your students that will be invaluable, possibly for life.

I would love to hear how you encourage teamwork between teachers and parents at your school.  Feel free to share in the comments below.

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