Presidents’ Day Craftivities {Bonus: Where Have I Been?}

I cannot believe that Presidents’ Day is just around the corner.  Time seems to fly after that all of the way through summer!

I’ve been MIA from the blog for a while now…and I will blame it all on being pregnant!  With our first it seemed like morning sickness shut off like a switch after the first trimester, and with this one…well, I was afraid it would never end.  I’m definitely getting my energy back and hoping to be more involved here on the blog.  Look for some exciting new updates coming SOON!!  EEEEKKKK….I’m so excited about them.

This is me at 20 weeks pregnant!

This is me at 20 weeks pregnant!

So, back to Presidents’ Day!  My amazing and talented husband has done it again with helping me to sketch out and create some CUTE Presidents’ Day Craftivities {Find them HERE}.  These craftivities are perfect for Presidents’ Day, Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday or any time during the year you would like to reflect on these founding heroes of our country.

Presidents Day Craftivities {Honest Abe & Wise Ole Washington}

Presidents Day Craftivities {Honest Abe & Wise Ole Washington}

Inside you’ll find:

-”Honest Abe” Non-fiction mini-book
-”Wise Ole Washington” Non-fiction mini-book
– All About Abraham Lincoln- Brainstorm Web
– All About the George Washington- Brainstorm Web
– Presidential Compare and Contrast ( w/ cut-out words option)
– Presidents’ Day ABC Order
-”Abe Lincoln” Craftivity (templates and writing prompt)
-”George Washington” Craftivity (templates and writing prompt)

Such a fun way to celebrate presidents!

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