Groundhog Day Activities {Pop-up Craft, Mini-book and More!}

groundhog day

I have to be honest, I’m really hoping that Punxsutawney Phil does not see his shadow this year!  I love warm weather and I’m already ready for some sunny days and gardening.


I created this Groundhog Day Unit as a fun way for students to learn some facts about groundhogs and make an enjoyable craft at the same time.  I almost squealed with delight the first time I had the groundhog pop in and back out of his burrow with the craft stick.

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MLK Day: Character Craftivity & Mini-Book

MLK Day Craftivity on Character

I absolutely love the quote by Dr. King where he says “…they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”  Based on this quote this fun craft will help students explore different attributes that make up good character, discussing why it’s important not to judge others on their outside appearance.

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Nativity Centers and Nativity FREEBIE!


Merry Christmas!  I just love the Holidays and this time of year.  I remember as a kid driving around the town with my parents to see the beautiful christmas decorations and lights.  What drew me in, even more than the lights and reindeer displays, were the various nativity scenes  sprinkled here and there.  My thoughts took me back to that night so long ago and I tried to imagine what it must have REALLY been like.

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2+1=TPTCYBER SALE 2014: Wishlist Items and a Link-Up.


3am_Cyber Sale 2014-C2

Thanks so much 3AM Teacher for sharing this adorable picture!

We are recouping from a fun-filled Holiday weekend with amazing food, family chats, nature hikes and late night hang-outs.  Mmmmmm good!

I’m excited to gear up for tomorrow’s huge TPT CYBER sale (Dec 1 & 2)!  WAHOO!!  My store is going to be on sale along with many other great sellers.  Be sure to use the code: TPTCYBER at checkout for an additional 10% off the already reduced prices.

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mayflower thanksgiving activities ideas

All About the Mayflower! Thanksgiving Activities & Ideas

As a child I loved to role play. As we learned about settlers, explorers and Native Americans, after school I would play out these historical events being sure to give my 4 brothers and neighbors roles and duties (of course! I was born to boss lead teach). We traveled the plains, fought with enemies, and sailed the rough seas using cardboard boxes and dirt mounds as our props.

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Encouragement for the new school year.

New School Year- New Beginnings

New Beginnings…

Isn’t it so wonderful at the start of a new school year ?!? New pencils, new notebooks, NEW FLAIR PENS!!!! (WOOT WOOT), new students and new possibilities. I have been LOVING taking my little 3 1/2 year old down the school supply isles at the store, and letting her pick some brand new supplies for our Tot School this year!  I get giddy just thinking about it. #teacherskid

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