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All About the Mayflower! Thanksgiving Activities & Ideas

As a child I loved to role play. As we learned about settlers, explorers and Native Americans, after school I would play out these historical events being sure to give my 4 brothers and neighbors roles and duties (of course! I was born to boss lead teach). We traveled the plains, fought with enemies, and sailed the rough seas using cardboard boxes and dirt mounds as our props.


As a teacher I am always looking for ways to engage students fully with what they are learning. I love to bring it alive for them and have the lesson carry on in their imaginations after the formal teaching session is done. This Fall season one way to encourage creative learning and potential engagement beyond the textbook is offer further study through crafts and activities that bring history to life!


I had a blast creating this unit “All About the Mayflower”. It gives your students not only the history behind this vessel, but a glimpse on the inside and what it may have been like swaying over the waves to a new land. I highly recommend you do this lesson with your kids and after you do, give them a scenario at recess to help foster creative, history, play. Maybe a play structure is a ship. Designate a captain, crew and soldiers. “There’s a lot of work to be done on the ship.” “Let’s sail to a new land!”


It’s so much fun to see young imaginations set ablaze with free creative play. Instead of video game characters and fictional superheroes, why not direct them to history!? This unit “All About the Mayflower” does just that! Students learn all about the iconic ship and it’s voyages. With the mini-book they come aboard and learn about the different rooms and parts of the ship, and even create their own vessel and writing piece.



Thanksgiving Mayflower Craftivity Summary

Grades: Perfect for grades 1-4.


This Fun Activity / Craft Features:

“All About the Mayflower” Mini Book
Ship Parts Worksheet
Mayflower Craft and Writing Prompt
Mayflower Poem
Mayflower Game for Review


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Tons of Mayflower Crafts from Artist Helping Children

Great Craft and Snack Ideas with a Mayflower Theme from Happy Home Fairy



Here are some great books to accompany your Thanksgiving Mayflower exploration:

“If You Sailed on the Mayflower in 1620” By: Anna Divito

“M is for Mayflower” By: Jeannie Brett

“You Wouldn’t Want to Sail on the Mayflower” By: Kevin Whelan



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