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All About Valentines Day! Valentine Activities & Ideas



As a kid I remember shopping for tear-out Valentine Cards with silly sayings, then writing the names for my entire class on them. At school we would decorate little shoeboxes for our peers to deposit our cards on. The day was filled with exchanging cards, endless heart shaped candies with words like, “Be Mine” and teasing & speculating over who liked who. Ever wonder where these Valentines traditions came from? I did too!

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mayflower thanksgiving activities ideas

All About the Mayflower! Thanksgiving Activities & Ideas

As a child I loved to role play. As we learned about settlers, explorers and Native Americans, after school I would play out these historical events being sure to give my 4 brothers and neighbors roles and duties (of course! I was born to boss lead teach). We traveled the plains, fought with enemies, and sailed the rough seas using cardboard boxes and dirt mounds as our props.

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Patriots Day - September 11

Patriots’ Day: September 11 Activity, Craft + Ideas

Where were you on that day…? I remember it like it was yesterday! I was in college and had gone to the campus cafe between classes. I walked in to see everyone staring up at the televisions from their booths. I made some silly remark to a friend sitting there like, “You should see yourselves, you’re all just staring up with your jaws open like this,” and then proceeded to open my mouth and stare blankly.

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