Patriots Day - September 11

Patriots’ Day: September 11 Activity, Craft + Ideas

Where were you on that day…? I remember it like it was yesterday! I was in college and had gone to the campus cafe between classes. I walked in to see everyone staring up at the televisions from their booths. I made some silly remark to a friend sitting there like, “You should see yourselves, you’re all just staring up with your jaws open like this,” and then proceeded to open my mouth and stare blankly.


He looked at me seriously and said, “No, you’ve got to see this”.  I then watched as the 2nd plane flew into the other tower.  I COULD NOT believe what was happening…and the rest of the day turned into somewhat of a blur with prayer sessions, canceled classes and all of us walking around in disbelief.  Throughout the whole day I was glued to the news that was being broadcasted on TVs all over campus.


I watched as firefighter after firefighter entered into rubble and smoke. Some then emerged with the individuals they had rescued, and some did not. These were real people…mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters risking their lives to save another mother, father…  I couldn’t help but be deeply moved by the sacrifice and love that was being demonstrated in the midst of such a horrifying tragedy.


There were countless other heroes that surfaced that day from police officers and military personnel to business and medical individuals.  These people are our “Everyday Heroes”.  Some continue to risk their lives daily and are absolutely anything but ordinary.


Sometimes it’s difficult to help our kids learn about & remember the men and women that have served with the tragic events of September 11, 2001 in an age-appropriate way. It’s also crazy to think that in a few short years there will be adults that were too young to remember what happened on that day.


I created this activity / craft to help kids learn about those heroes that made such an impact that day and continue to in the every day.


While I’m not in the classroom anymore (I get to stay-at-home with my two littles YAY!) I did get to do this activity with a class I substitute taught for. The students loved the craftivity! Here are some pictures of the kids work:



September 11 {Patriots' Day} Craft and Activities


This Activity is appropriate for grades 1-4.

This fun Craftivity features:

-Military Craft Template & Directions {Hat, Head, Hands}
-Police Officer Craft Template & Directions {Hat, Head, Hands}
-Firefighter Craft Template & Directions {Hat, Head, Hands}
-Hair/Mustache Templates to make each hero into a boy or girl
-3 Hero Writing Prompt Pages {My Hero is… A real Hero… You’re my hero!} Each with three sizes of writing space options for differentiating instruction.

This activity is available as a bundle. You can optionally purchase each one separately if you choose.


–> Get this Everyday Heroes Craftivity Here! <–


Do you remember where you were on that day?  What do you do with your class to remember September 11? Please comment below with your thoughts!


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