September 11 Craftivities

Everyday Heroes

Everyday Heroes {Craftivities for September 11, Memorial Day, and Veteran’s Day}

This is a throwback post from last year, but thought it would be helpful to post it again.  

It’s always been tough for me to teach my students about September 11 and what happened that day.  Knowing that most of the students at school weren’t even born yet, makes it even more difficult.

I do however feel like it’s such an important date to remember and to help our kids relate to on an age appropriate level.

One of my favorite books on the topic that I’ve read for years to my students is “September 12th:  We Knew Everything Would Be Alright” Written by the Masterson Elementary Students.  This book is perfect for the younger grades and covers just enough of the topic that I feel is right for this age.

September 12 Book

I created some Hero Craftivities {Firefighter, Police Officer and Military} to go along with reading this book, that your students can create.  There is also a different hero writing prompt to accompany each craft. (Don’t you just LOVE the mustache’s?!?! I think they’re my favorite part.)

Everyday Heroes Crafts

Policeman, Firefighter, and Military Hero Craftivities

You can find them at my TpT store.

How do you teach your students about 9/11?

Remembering 9/11

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8 thoughts on “September 11 Craftivities

    1. Shae Post author

      Erin, the name of your blog is a perfect way to describe YOU I’m beginning to see. 🙂 Thanks so much for your comment. I love it when I make something that others enjoy as well. September 11 is one of those tough days to remember, and to explain to young children about those events is even harder. I think the best route is definitely in celebrating our Nation’s Heroes!

    1. Shae Post author

      Thanks so much for the suggestion. I’m heading over right now to check out the book. That is so neat that your friend gave your kids a book (one of the best gifts in my opinion)! 🙂


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