31 Ways to Heart Edu

31 Ways to Heart EduAs Educators, there can be a huge disconnect between what we do and the heart of teaching.  In my first year of teaching, I remember being observed by my principal and I remember she told me that I had the heart of a teacher,  and now I could continue to work on the art.  She explained how the art of educating could be taught, but the heart was much more difficult.

Over the years to follow, I grew in the art of teaching, became a great lesson planner, filled out forms (and on time!), became better familiar with standards and implementing them, caught up with the latest behavior management practices etc. …but I felt like in the middle of all that, I lost some of the heart.

Maybe this rings a bell with some of you.  Perhaps you’re at the beginning of your teaching journey and want to keep the love you have for education at the forefront, maybe you are at home now, like me, and want to inspire your child towards excellence… or possibly you’re one step from walking away from it all.

Over the next 31 days I want to explore with all of you, small little ways that we can get back to that love that inspired us to teach in the first place.  Check back in every day this month for “31 Ways to Heart Edu”.

Day 1: It’s All in Your Head!

Day 2: A Thankful Heart.

Day 3: The Thoughts Cycle

Day 4: Where Does my Worth Come From?

Day 5: How do you Treat Your Students?

Day 6: Work Together as a Team.

Day 7: To Have a Good Co-Worker, You Have to be One.

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